Don’t sell your home, RENT IT!

At Renters Warehouse Milwaukee, we specialize in turning your biggest purchase (and expense) into your biggest ASSET. You’ve been paying for your house and now it’s time for it to pay you.

Converting your house into an investment contributes to your wealth creation by:

  • Producing net monthly cash flow
  • Passively amortizing your mortgage via the rental income
  • Acting as a tax shelter through depreciation (or “cost recovery”)
  • Realizing the appreciation in price over the property over time

Let’s start your wealth creation journey by having us rent and manage your property.

Lease Administration

Lease Administration & Electronic Rent Payments

Once a tenant is procured and moved into the property, we move to the “Lease Administration” stage of our Property Management service.
  • Disbursement of your rent checks right into your checking account!
  • Fielding all tenant communications and correspondence
  • Rent and water/utility bill collection
  • Property Water/Sewer & Utility bills payments on your behalf
  • Facilitation and coordination of preventative maintenance and corrective repairs
  • Tenant security deposit disposition

Preventative Maintenance & Corrective Repairs

Properly maintaining the physical asset is vital to maintaining the value of your asset(s) and keeping the satisfaction of your resident high. Putting a focus on preventative maintenance can drastically reduce the often costly corrective repairs and also preserves the useful life of the property’s mechanical systems. As part of our process and through our affiliated sister company, Brew City Property Services, we maintain your:
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Exterior Drainage
preventive maintenance
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Rent Ready & Property Renovation

Having the right team in place that you can rely on and trust to make your asset spick and span for a new tenant is paramount to creating a great customer experience and resident satisfaction from the outset. Whether you just need a refresh with some paint and a deep cleaning, want to make value-added capital improvements such as a new kitchen, new bath, upgraded flooring, or a finished basement, or are in need of longer term capital expenditures such as a new roof; we do it all. Through our sister company Brew City Property Services, we provide property improvements such as:
  • Flooring, Doors, Paint, and Windows
  • Full Kitchen Renovations
  • Full Bathroom Renovations
  • Exterior Capital Expenditures such as roofing, siding, and gutters

Financial Reporting & Accounting

Keeping track of your portfolio’s income and expenses can be a full time job in and of itself. As part of our property management service, we handle this all for you. We can provide monthly and annual reports such as:
  • Itemized Consolidated Owner Statements (monthly)
  • Annual and Monthly Itemized Cash Flow Statements
  • Delinquency Reports & Portfolio Rent Rolls
  • After the year ends, we provide you with a 1099 to make your year end accounting and tax preparation convenient for yourself or your CPA!
financial reporting