Homeowner Services – Pricing Structure

Price is what you pay, value is what you receive!

Monthly Base Management – $99/month

Tenant Placement – 1st Month’s Rent

  • 12 month Tenant Warranty
  • Broadly syndicated rental listing via our proprietary platform “RentFeeder” for maximum exposure
  • Professional quality advertising photos to attract best applicants
  • Stringent, objective screening criteria
  • In-person showings conducted weekly at a minimum
  • Federal, State, and LOCAL fair housing compliant advertising and lease documents

Lease Renewal – $299

  • Perform comprehensive rental market analysis to maximize lease rate & minimize any current loss to lease
  • Facilitate all Tenant renewal communications and negotiations
  • Execute full new lease to ensure compliance with ever changes laws & regulations

Eviction Protection Plan – $19.95/month

No matter how great our applicant screening process is, there will be times when filing for eviction will be necessary. The multitude of reasons that filing for eviction would be necessary include infractions such as delinquent rent, delinquent water bills, unauthorized pets, etc. No matter how stringent our enforcement processes are, the Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant Statutes are set up such that the courts are ultimately to be used as the collection agent/enforcer of the lease. The full eviction process averages in excess $1000. We are a systems and processes driven company. By charging a small monthly eviction protection fee, we give you the peace of mind knowing that your asset is protected and that fully enforcing your lease isn’t a decision based on how burdensome the expense will be. If it becomes necessary to file for eviction, Renters Warehouse absorbs ALL of the expenses of the eviction. Some of the costs associated with eviction are:
  • Property Management Staff eviction document preparation
  • Filing Fees, Service of Process, Initial Court Costs
  • Attorney support staff administration labor
  • Attorney court preparation, court appearance(s), and correspondence
  • Execution of writ and Sheriff Fees

Preventative Maintenance

Research has proven that performing proper routine and preventative maintenance on the property’s systems and major mechanicals not only prolongs the useful life but it SAVES you money by drastically reducing corrective repair calls. This is a key contributor to fostering tenant satisfaction (read:longer residency) and increased NOI!

Furnace (fall) – $149 + $75 per additional furnace on-site

  • Clean flame sensor
  • Ensure proper functioning thermostat and replace batteries
  • Inspect dampers (adjust where needed), vents and returns
  • Check condensation line
  • Check pilot and pilot assembly

Central A/C (late spring) – $149 + $75 per additional furnace on-site

  • Check proper refrigerant levels1
  • Check all electrical components and controls
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils
  • Check oil motors
  • Check condenser
  • Check/replace filters
  • Check thermostat for proper functioning
  • Check blower motor

Plumbing System – $275 + $50 per additional hot water heater on-site

  • Drain hot water heater to remove normal sediment build-up
  • Auger main sewer lateral to remove lodged debris and growing tree roots
  • Treat floor drain with root killing enzyme
  • Snake all kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Check for existence & functionality of shut off valves2 @ all supply lines
  • Inspect fixture water supply lines for evidence of corrosion

Exterior Drainage – $199

  • Gutter clean out & inspection for proper slope to downspout
  • Downspout inspection and adjust to ensure proper drainage away from grade
  • Perimeter grading inspection & slope correction3

3. If needed Brew City Property Services will make slope correction while on site @ $9/ft3